Renault’s bet on the Zoe electric car is starting to pay off. Sales surged to almost 10,000 units in Europe last month and the vehicle is becoming one of the brand’s best-selling cars. expand full story

Geely, the China carmaker behind Volvo, Polestar, and Lynk & Co, was rumored this week to be making a $300 million investment in Nio. Reports about the investment come from Yuguan Cheshi, a WeChat-based media outlet. That’s only the latest in a wave of rumors about how Nio will emerge from its financial woes.

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Last year we ogled the Newron EV-1 electric motorcycle upon its debut, but questioned whether it would ever make it to market. As of today though, the company has ended speculation by opening pre-orders for the highly unique, wooden-bodied electric motorcycle.

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The myChevrolet mobile app allows drivers to do things like remote starts, unlock doors, and gain access to vehicle data. The app’s Energy Assist feature for Bolt EV drivers has been available since 2017. But GM over the past few months has been enhancing its features, including the presentation of dynamic information about a public charger’s status.

The company wants the myChevrolet app to become the only app a Bolt driver uses, but that might be a hard sell.

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Electrek has learned that Tesla lost one of its most senior executives and the man behind the construction of Tesla’s Gigafactories, Kevin Kassekert, who left the automaker last week. expand full story

The results are in and electric bicycle sales are positively booming. Many electric bicycle companies are reporting record-breaking e-bike sales. But with electric bicycles ranging from budget e-bikes priced at a few hundred dollars to high-end brands costing many thousands of dollars, where does that leave budget-minded consumers that still want to find a quality e-bike? Here we’ve compiled 2020’s top five sub-$1,000 electric bicycles that we’ve tested so far.

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Tesla’s latest firmware update hints at integrating Powerwall and vehicle charging for a more seamless home charging experience. expand full story


A ballot initiative has been proposed in San Diego that would serve to ban the sale of new gas vehicles costing over $50,000 starting next year. The initiative would also add a 2.5% tax on any gas vehicles over $50k that are purchased outside of the city and registered within city limits.

A new organization called Breathe Free America has been formed to circulate the petition for the ballot initiative, which they’ve dubbed the “Clean Vehicle Initiative.”  They are looking to gather 76,000 signatures from San Diegans in order to get it on the ballot.

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Tesla announced today that it closed its new $2 billion stock offering announced last week and the underwriters took the option to purchase an additional $300 million worth of shares. expand full story

Tesla is working on a new ~110 kWh battery pack, its largest yet, and it should bring the range of some of its electric vehicles to more than 400 miles on a single charge. expand full story

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