Audi Stories February 28

Geneva Motor Show decided to cancel this year’s event because of the coronavirus, but we are still going to see a few of the electric cars that were going to be unveiled at the show. expand full story

Audi is unveiling its new e-tron S models and the company claims that they will be “the first electric cars worldwide with three motors in mass production.” expand full story

Audi Stories February 21

Audi confirmed that it is temporarily suspending production of its e-tron electric SUV due to supply problems. Battery cell supply issues are suspected. expand full story

Audi Stories February 11

An oil change is one of several maintenance items that electric vehicle owners don’t have to worry about. So it’s rather surprising that Audi e-tron electric SUVs are warning their owners that they are going to need oil changes. expand full story

Audi Stories February 7

Get the chance to win a Tesla Model S Performance, Audi e-tron, or Jaguar I-Pace, or all of them (why not?) while supporting good causes through Omaze. expand full story

Audi Stories February 3

There were an impressive number of ads about electric cars at the Super Bowl, and yet you could argue that Tesla came out on top without spending a cent on advertising. expand full story

Audi Stories January 29

Audi is launching a new electric car ad campaign featuring Game of Thrones‘ Maisie Williams that will debut at the Superbowl this weekend. expand full story

Audi Stories November 29, 2019

Audi has announced an acceleration of its electric vehicle plans with an updated investment schedule, including €12 billion in electric vehicles. expand full story

Audi Stories November 28, 2019

Audi has just unveiled its e-tron Sportback, which is a little more efficient than the e-tron SUV, but now the German automaker has introduced some upgrades to the e-tron electric SUV — giving it more range and efficiency. expand full story

Audi Stories November 27, 2019

Audi has signed an agreement with its workforce that will include cutting 9,500 job cuts in factories as they experience a major industry shift to electrification, which itself should add 2,000 jobs to produce electric cars. expand full story

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