BMW Stories March 18

Mercedes-Benz and BMW are adding a wide range of new plug-in hybrids as they strive to reduce CO2 emissions to meet stricter EU targets this year. Both companies said putting plug-in hybrids versions on more models would help reduce carbon emissions this year by 20%.

LMC Automotive, an analyst firm, predicts that plug-in hybrids will outsell EVs in Europe this year.

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The upcoming next-generation BMW 7 Series will be available with an all-electric powertrain and the top, most powerful version of the car will be all-electric, says BMW chief Oliver Zipse. expand full story

BMW Stories March 13

BMW on Thursday reported a 29% drop in profits in 2019. The company blamed the dip on high investments in new electrified technologies — and hefty legal costs from a pollution-related antitrust case in the European Union.

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BMW Stories March 11

BMW i8, the best-selling plug-in hybrid sports car, is going to see the end of its production run next month after about 20,000 units produced. expand full story

BMW Stories March 10

News emerged only yesterday that BMW had canceled plans to launch the BMW iX3 in the United States. But Automotive News reported that BMW had already decided to kill US sales of the iX3 in January at dealers meeting in Boca Raton, if not earlier. BMW executives and dealers deemed the all-electric iX3 as a dud before it reached our shores.

Why? Its 74-kilowatt-hour battery pack is considered by Americans to be too small.

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BMW Stories March 9

BMW has canceled its plan to launch the BMW iX3, its first electric vehicle in years, in the US – following several other automakers focusing their EV supply in other markets. expand full story

BMW Stories March 3

BMW has unveiled the i4, its latest electric car, at a presentation that was planned for the Geneva Motor Show. The new prototype of this stunning Gran Coupe is still only a concept, but BMW has confirmed plans to bring a production version to market next year. expand full story

BMW Stories February 28

Geneva Motor Show decided to cancel this year’s event because of the coronavirus, but we are still going to see a few of the electric cars that were going to be unveiled at the show. expand full story

BMW Stories February 27

BMW is showing an iNEXT electric car prototype going through extreme heat tests ahead of the launch of the production version. expand full story

BMW Stories February 25

BMW is about to unveil its next electric vehicle, the BMW i4, at the Geneva Motor Show next month and it is releasing today the first teaser image for the car. expand full story

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